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Find the polar bear!

Puzzles are fun, especially when they are going viral because no one can solve them. A new brainteaser challenge you to find the polar bear.

Ready to give it a try?

See if you can find the polar bear that’s hiding somewhere in the picture in less than 50 seconds.

Did you find him, or are you stumped?

Ready to give up?

Keep scrolling to see the solved puzzle …

You’re really ready to give up?

Here’s a hint — Focus on the left side of the image.

Okay, still not finding him?

Here’s the solved puzzle.

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Find the Shrimp

Brain teasers are so much fun, and they help keep your mind as sharp as possible. They’re even better when created for a good cause.

A TRICKY optical illusion has called on viewers to spot a Shrimp hidden in this busy picture.

Can you find it in less than 1 minute?

It’s a tricky one.

Can you spot the Shrimp?

The clock is ticking …

Maybe you need a hint.

hint: there is no hint for u

Keep scrolling.

Ready for the answer?




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